Naoto Fukasawa Atelier

Tokyo, Japan
Naoto Fukasawa
Takenaka Corporation

With an undeniably illustrious product and industrial design career and one of the world’s leading design thinkers today, Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa's next focus is on creating a fully-integrated atmosphere as complete lifestyle, starting with his own recently-complete atelier in Tokyo.

As a live-work building nestled in a quiet residential suburb, the building's structure and everything inside has been designed by Naoto. From glassware to seating (including the Hiroshima Lounge Chair) and even meticulously down to window panes, he has provided an all-encompassing environment lending to his own inspiration where he starts his mornings.

These past two years without travel allowed me to focus and design my own space for working and living. It is completely designed by me, working together with Takenaka. We had seventy meetings over the course of two years just discussing all of the details.

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