Villa SG21


Nestled away in the bucolic Dutch countryside is the contemporary Villa SG21, a creation by the studio FilliéVerhoeven Architects. The monolith-like structure follows the archetypal rectangle mould, with a twist in format, inviting steep, dramatic angles as its main visual attraction. Since the area has a strong agricultural heritage, it is stimulating to note the slight reversal to cosmopolitan aesthetic through minimalism.

The offset roofline is only the starting point to the many insights the architects brought to this charming dwelling—the true central character is the blackened timber surrounding the outer shell. A truly charismatic manoeuvre to instil a contemporary feel all the while guaranteeing a bold statement. On the flip side, the house adopts the archetypal minimalism based in white colour. The interior design takes a back seat but with a firm pulse in modernism as the reference point for the interior design. It's worth noting the subtle brown elements serving as links to the exterior environment.

In addition to the gorgeous black timber in all sides, the roof becomes an unexpected extension of the surrounding landscape. Since the residence serves as a clear disruption from the region, the turf roof brings forward the importance of sustainable solutions in architecture. Villa SG21 is a masterclass in texture management through a minimalist lens, as three different insights co-exist in harmony.

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