Villa Tranquille


In the south of France, nestled away in the Vallée de l'Hérault, sits a small white house with a charming demeanour. An understated and beautiful project by ARTELABO, mixing clear modernist influences with the simplicity of Mediterranean architecture.

Villa Tranquille is all about seclusion for its inhabitants, as its single volume offers one opening as the grand window to the view below. Pure white colour shelters the residence all around, resulting in stunning vibrancy of the façade as it stands proudly in its neighbourhood. On the inside, a very smart division into four identical volumes laid a strong geometric influence. Each clean cut division bears a small courtyard, inspiring a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living.

Using a minimalist imperative throughout did wonders for this project, as it simplifies and reduces it all down to its basics; thus showing the hidden potential underneath garments and excess elsewhere. A gorgeous project to be hopefully replicated in the area.

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