House in the Orchard


Inspired by a pictogram-like representation of a house, LDA.iMdA Architetti Associati brought to life a project that is familiar as it is innovative in shape and form. House in the Orchard portrays and embodies a canonical form factor and dares to push the agenda of sustainability. 

The white volume glows in a quasi-futuristic presence amidst an orchard in the city of San Miniato, in the Tuscany region of Italy. For starters, it cleverly adapts technology from greenhouses as the main insulation compound. The external coating was made applying an ecological polyolefin sheet with high solar reflectance. The end result is a case study of adaptability, from the lifted ground foundation to the external coating. All in all, it is a technical marvel as the architects filled in the blanks with noteworthy solutions.

The pure geometry of the modern greenhouse is refreshing to see, as it demands attention in the middle of a beautiful field. It's a dwelling beaming with innovation, and it reflects the owner’s wish to experiment and live inside something unusual.

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