Warner Gardens


This minimalist beauty in London was designed by the notable art and architecture patron Doris Saatchi. Taking inspiration from John Pawson, Saatchi has created a home that is both functional and gorgeous; a living, breathing work of art.

Warner Gardens is a three story structure consisting of an open floor plan living area, four bedrooms, and a courtyard garden. The building features a rather traditional exterior onto which Saatchi has incorporated a dramatic preview into the distinguished interior. Oversized windows stretch nearly the full length of the living and dining rooms, modernising the exterior while providing ample views and natural light to the main gathering spaces. The garden continues with the minimalist theme, providing an unobtrusive outdoor space for reflection.

On the interior, the finishes were carefully chosen by Saatchi, elevating them from mere building materials to an artist's palette. Carrara marble is featured throughout the kitchen and bathrooms, occasionally accented by darker natural stones. The cabinetry and built-in storage is designed so perfectly that the seams are barely noticeable. Similarly, the lighting is so carefully placed that the viewer barely notices it, or mistakes it for another piece of modern art.

Warner Gardens is an impeccable modern dwelling that invites dreams and dreamers alike.

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