Workman Chaise

Harry Teng
Eunie Park

Made in collaboration between Seattle-based industrial designer Harry Teng and LA-based visual designer Eunie Park, the Workman Chaise is inspired by the most fundamental way of metal fabrication. The design forms a conceptual juxtaposition between visual perception and comfort while staying true to the materiality of metal. The lounge chair was carefully crafted to a delicate visual thinness, creating a perception of lightness. The chair could be perceived very differently depending on the view angle.

The furniture piece was designed by thinking about how to get rid of all the unnecessary elements of a chaise without compromising its comfort. Authentic to the raw material, the properties of two 5052 aluminium sheets act as a natural spring to provide flexibility for sitting.

I see this project as less about a specific type of furniture and more about experimenting with metal as a material.

The Workman Series, which currently includes the chair and a stool, invites users to view the furniture from different perspectives. Depending on which angle you look at the piece, it looks very different in terms of visual weight. Given the nature of sheet material, the user can appreciate a very robust and substantial form factor from one angle, yet from another angle, the user can be amazed by how thin the material is.

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