Ziiiro Eclipse

industrial design

The German watch brand Ziiiro is characterised by a simple, minimalistic and futuristic design.

Their newest and personal favourite model, Eclipse, has two markers that seem to float above a ring on the dial. One marker is slightly larger than the other, allowing them to pass over each other and for the wearer to differentiate between hours and minutes — achieving minimalist design without compromising function. I like that.

Using a patented Swiss Super-LumiNova® pigment on the watch dial and minute hand, the Eclipse watch offers day and night visibility with bright illumination in the dark. Forget the days when you have to look for a light source or dig your pockets for the mobile phone to read the time. This watch glows in the dark with sufficient activation by sunlight or artificial light. Time has never been so extraordinary.

The brand complies to futuristic and minimalist principles inspired by the philosophy; zero buttons, zero loose parts, zero numbers. All watches are designed by Robert Dabi from Nuremberg.

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