Zimoun & 86 DC-Motors

art & illustration

Inside an inconspicuous hut, sporting a beautiful rusted red façade, resonates an insistent and fulfilling sound. This is a recognizable set-up for those familiar with Zimoun’s body of work, a true visionary in sound architecture and visual design.

A stark white interior hosts 86 dc-motors, a staple of the artists’ work, each one pulling a very thin steel wire from side to side. The circular frame is filled with subtle geometry on its entirety; a gorgeous arch is drawn all around the visitor. Not satisfied, Zimoun pulls his second trick: an unrelenting sound vibration emanating from each string.

The circular motion, from each motor, bangs small felt balls into the wall. A deceptive meaningless voice that suddenly gains force as part of an, 86 members, choir. It’s a deep investigation of sound behavior and the reaction of a single physical moment; an alluring performance from a mechanical protagonist, not to be taken lightly.

Zimoun’s abilities lies in flawless minimalist compositions intertwined with a rich exploration of simple materials and taking them to extremes.

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