Zofia Chylak


Zofia Chylak is a Polish fashion designer who specializes in custom tailoring. Having honed her skills working for designers Ania Kuczyńska, Proenza Schouler and pattern maker Nicholas Caito, Zofia presents the aesthetics of her brand on an equally stunning campaign online.

It was with great pleasure to learn that all her pieces are unique, each sketched and developed to the individual customer. Zofia's ethos places emphasis on the quality of the garment. From the minimalist language of its designs to the use of natural fabrics such as silk, wool, cotton and leather, she campaigns the classically beautiful dress forms while allowing the details of the structure and finishings to stand out. I share Zofia's belief that the wait for a custom design piece is the ultimate appreciation of good craft and design, in contrast to the disposable 'fast fashion' that is ubiquitous today. As she eloquently explains:

I have always admired people who could create something beautiful using less than a lot... Elegance is not luxury, it's understanding the rules of decorum. My main goal is to be able to create elegant clothes staying in the minimalistic world of forms.

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