10 Years of COS


Over the years, media have glossed over fashion a superficial image that hides away the designers' intentional narratives. While high fashion suffers from this, commercial brands are affected greatly and almost dismissed. With the new capsule collection from COS, I want to focus on the unseen processes that are critical to fashion design.

For their 10 year anniversary, COS has put out a 10-piece collection in sand and white to celebrate a milestone. By using crisp cotton, the designers were able to create loose and boxy silhouettes with minimal technicality and simple aesthetics. The only stand-out accessories are the metal zippers that add an edge to the design. Some garments with layered fabrics form a depth of defined lines, synergised by a loose belt. However, these images only contribute to the overall visual. The real surprise of this collection lies in the Swedish brand's no-excess method: arranging fabric patterns like a jigsaw puzzle to minimise waste and maximise potential for each look. Perhaps one could say that this capsule collection does not seem to represent an important mark on the timeline of COS, but I would argue that by being humble with their designs while giving themselves a challenge with waste—a rather big concern in the industry for the past decade—they are truly being innovative.

With the saturated market of see-and-buy in today's consumerist society, it's important for brands to practice their sustainable capability, to whichever extent that might be. This capsule collection from COS, which in no doubt is one of the leading brands in quality and affordability, proves that designers can produce simple aesthetics from challenging executions. And we, as consumers, should look beyond presented images and learn about the garments' stories.

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