Os & OosArc bench and stools series sees thin considered lines manifest as curved geometries in space, as objects to use and engage with. Conceived through the concept of extraction, where each piece looks as if it's carved from one piece of naturally formed stone, Arc is a series of curved stone forms of consistent thickness, brought together through varying combinations. Self-supporting, the pieces are made through the use of a Hi-Macs material that has similar comprising properties and aesthetic, however when it is ground with a binding medium and heat is added, it can be formed and when set, the appearance of stone is created.

Designed as a participating exhibitor in the Wallpaper* 2016 Salone del Mobile, Arc has interchangeable parts—or modules if you will—that allow for varying combinations of the same concept to create both benches and stools. The pieces due to their shape, are self supporting through tension and therefore don’t require additional support structures, further enhancing their sleek and minimal formal qualities.

Based in Eindhoven, Netherlands, Os & Oos are headed by Oskar Peet and Sophie Mensen. The studio’s philosophy is to engage with projects based on a concept-driven philosophy. They are not driven by work for work’s sake, and will only pursue a concept based on its merit; a model that is rarely engaged, and rightfully respectable. Their works range from smaller to larger spatial concepts, and the engagement of object with space. Arc is a beautiful product of the studio’s curiosity with materiality and space, and the results are effortless.

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