Giu Ramaglia

No more so are we reminded of the importance that light plays in our lives than during the Autumn and Winter months. The dark mornings and dark evenings mean we heavily rely on quality illumination. Quality not just in the sense of offering us the functional necessities we require, but also in terms of augmenting our lives—setting the tone for a comfortable and soft ambient.

ORBE—designed by independent design studio RAIN—is a simple geometric table lamp with indirect light, designed to provide soft illumination to its surrounding environment. The piece has a simple structure, composed by the minimum required for its functionality: the front box houses the light source and provides the weight that supports the set; the conical plate has the function of gradually rebounding the light, creating a nuance of shade that encircles its volume; the back support provides stability to the piece and completes its silhouette. Each of these elements is marked by the use of different colours and finishes that seek to emphasise the precise constitution of the ORBE lamp.

Its name alludes to the aesthetics of the object, given by the conjunction of the geometric design with its metallic finishes and matte colours. At the same time, the circular reflector that surrounds the frontal totem sets up a kind of aura. It can resemble either a classic piece full of symbolism, or a technological instrument with a futuristic character.

RAIN was formed by Ricardo Innecco and Mariana Ramos, whose backgrounds are in architecture and product design. They were born and studied in Brasilia, a city known for its modernist architecture and urbanism. In 2012 they moved to São Paulo where they worked in relevant architecture and design studios. In 2015, they started to work in collaboration under the title RAIN. They have since designed a wonderful collection of furniture and homewares with a consistent design language of playful simplicity.

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