Height Width Chair


Simplicity is the key to ultimate sophistication. And it is an important consideration when it comes to designing furniture pieces. International design agency Frederik Roijé has created the gorgeous Height Width Chair, which combines both functionality and a minimalist aesthetic.

Rounded rectangles with varying dimensions, surrounded by its frame, forms a comfortable and stackable chair which can easily fit a workspace or a dining room. The chair comes in four different colours: leaf green, off-white, ochre yellow, and dark grey.

When it comes to the materials, the designers used the powder coated steel frame and wool upholstery to embrace the curvy form of the object. The materials make it look aesthetic and sophisticated for a minimalist interior. This chair is versatile, blending seamlessly with different styles.

Our admiration, in this case, comes from its organic form. No sharp lines, just soft simplicity. The design team created a unique and sharp piece by using just a few materials without compromising its functionality, which is admirable in itself.

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