industrial design

Montreal-based Lambert Fils’ Beaubien collection brings together curated lines, together with traditional illumination in a seamlessly minimal way. Based on a grid system, the idea behind the design centers on being able to create varied configurations using the same elements, to create a series of lights that are of the same vein of style, but vary in purpose and installation. Namely the Beaubien designed object itself, as the most versatile of the pieces of the collection.

Shown as a pendant, standing floor lamp and wall-mounted feature piece, Beaubien seems to transcend the traditional way in which fixtures are designed. Intentionally or otherwise, the fact that this piece can be used to transform a space, is quite unique and innovative on many levels. One could even surmise that this could be the future of lighting, designing pieces that have more than one installation option, without having to repurchase additional features. The use of powder-coated paint over aluminum tubular sections, and brass connector pieces, adds a sense of minimal consideration in the line work, but there is still a sense of the industrial also. Incredible work Lambert Fils.

Photography courtesy of Frédéric Girard and Caroline Hayeur.

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