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Formafantasma’s Helmet lamp sees three discs of cleverly precision-ed polished gilded brass, sandwich an LED light source to subtly provide illumination. Almost more sculptural than functional, this beauty sees designers Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin’s vision of their Delta Series come to life.

Delta is a collaboration between Design Gallery Giustini/Stagetti Galleria O. Roma and Formafantasma, where international designers are called to use Rome as the inspiring muse for new industrial design pieces. Providing a nod to the archeological sites and vast history of Rome, this piece is one of the products that manifested. Inspired by the mundane objects of Ancient Rome, the designers took the formal qualities of what they saw and discovered, and injected a sense of modernity and innovation. Helmet is comprised of curved brass plates and an electrified base, where the switch is concealed, making the activating of the light a gesture, more than an expressed formal function.

Based in Amsterdam, Formafantasma are a team of designers who are more than anything, inquisitive investigators. The team is constantly exploring and experimenting ideas of culture, sustainability and relationships between materials, and their work is a beautifully curated collection of these original trials. Helmet is a minimal and well-conceieved example of such exploration, and a handsome one at that too.

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