Hishaku Lamp

Keiji Ashizawa

Keiji Ashizawa is a prolific designer, but giving him a single title doesn’t really do him justice. He is also an architect, product designer, interior designer, curator, and an entrepreneur. Keiji continues to be at the forefront of the design world while constantly yielding new perspectives. His projects and initiatives are wide-ranging, and each of them share a minimalist design language that offer a consistent connection to Japanese influences. One such project is Hishaku.

Hishaku is a simple and elegant lighting series consisting of a table and floor lamp made for ZAOZUO.⁠ It poses a highly minimal structure with a succinct shade inspired by a ladle (柄杓) in temple; the contrast between these two elements gives the light a strong characteristic.⁠ Beyond its aesthetics, it was also designed to be carried easily.⁠

Keiji’s philosophy, “Honest Design”, is consistent in every project expanding from designs for small homeware products to architectural projects. His works interpret knowledge and values gained from the past to build for modern society by choosing socially conscious methods and materials for environments and local society.

A quote by French designer Jean Prouvé, which Keiji often references, puts this philosophy into words:

Never design anything that cannot be made.

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