PH House


Radical ideas are created from destructions; much like the PH House in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Originally a historic villa owned by Danish architect and cultural critic Poul Henningsen, the building was badly damaged by a fire. With an aim to reutilise the space and create something anew while maintaining the house’s original integrity, renowned studio Norm Architects decided to fuse added and existing details to produce a minimalist home for a family of three. Using neutrally coloured materials like white marble and grey stone, the designers accented all living space with golden metal fittings, wooden furniture, and warm-coloured accessories. These pop colours pierce through the Scandinavian winter to engulf the inhabitants in a warm and homely atmosphere.

The architects’ decision to have an open plan is beneficial in merging all spaces for harmonious circulations. The wooden floor is lit up with natural light from openings in all four directions. Keeping the traditional panelled windows, the house’s history is made apparent. My favourite moment is when the sink is placed against one of the openings. The minimal aesthetic, the contrast of black and white, the difference of inside and outside. All those gestures become poetic and they set up the mood for all mornings to come.

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