SIA Chair


Honest design, true to materials and its process. That's the principle of Australian designer Tom Fereday. A principle that conveys a design process that celebrates the materials and manufacturing behind furniture and products—to design from the inside out. And what exemplifies this approach to design? The award-winning SIA chair.

Named after its unique adjustable backrest, the SIA chair, meaning 'movement', was inspired by traditional bearings, featuring a slender design without compromising comfort. Shaped from solid Ash, the SIA chair curves to the body's form whilst using the minimum amount of timber required to achieve comfort. Contrasted by a minimalist stainless-steel frame which supports the sculptural timber elements, the chair is easily stackable. Fereday explains:

Solid bronze self-lubricating sleeve bearings elegantly assemble to the chair frame allowing for a smooth angle adjustment of the chair and structural support for the backrest. Using the natural flex of the steel frame the backrest is simply press fit assembled allowing for minimal shipping volume and easy end of life recycling or repair.

Winner of the Mercedes-Benz design award, the SIA chair will be launched with NAU Design in March 2018.

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