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Ellie Baygulov
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I’ve always been obsessed with capturing the full spectrum of flavour and aroma when brewing coffee and tea; to make a cup that tastes the way it smells. Over the last three years I’ve worked with a team of designers and engineers, as well as my three cofounders, to develop a radically new way to extract coffee without using heat.

This was the vision set out by Joey Roth, cofounder of Osma—a portable coffee brewing device.

So how does it work exactly? Osma is a temperature-agnostic brew system that cycles water through a proprietary 100% biodegradable pod to produce an intense 6oz cold extraction in about 2 minutes. The brew system is efficient enough to allow the device to be fully portable and can produce over 20 cups of coffee per charge. Their infusion technology uses a combination of pressure, water movement, and re-circulation to extract coffee with cold water in minutes rather than hours. Osma also connects to your iOS device via Bluetooth, where you can discover new pods and create your own recipes.

In terms of the design of Osma, the soft-edged triangular shape is quite unusual but also beautiful. It is consistent right across the product from the container, to the buttons, to the individual pods. It means that this device doesn’t need branding stamped all over it—instead, it subtly utilises its brand symbol into every aspect of the hardware design. The brewer is comprised of aluminium, BPA-free PETG, and zinc. It weighs just 0.68kg and measures 80 x 270mm.

The Osma team are currently in the process of developing a collection of tea pods in the coming months, so this really will be the ultimate portable brewing device that you can enjoy at home, office, or at the summit of a mountain.

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