Witt 3 Chandelier

art & illustration

The Witt 3 Chandelier, as a combined brainchild of Rockwell Studio and RichBrilliantWilling combines a minimal geometric form with contrasting globe-like organic soft bulbs of light. They challenge the traditional and in a way, deconstruct the idea of what a chandelier is, and what it actually brings to a space. Comprised of five hollow brass cubes, the pieces can be combined in a number of varying combinations and formations. The lines comprise linear cubes in space, and can be combined as a cluster, or as a feature element in a space.

Rockwell Studio, based in NYC, is steeped in years of verified experience in the hospitality and retail world. The work they have done has helped shape directions in design and rethinking these spaces and how they function. Taking their hand at industrial design, as a means to combine their knowledge of design and experience, is no surprise. Combining then with lighting masterminds, RBW, is no revelation either. From their own larger scale design historical experience, RBW have utilised what they know, with opportunities in the market for design solutions in lighting design.

Suspended by ultra-thin cables, the piece sits as a floating element in space. The intended subtleties are therefore emphasised by its seemingly floating nature. Suspended and subtle, yet incredibly impactful.

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