9.47 Table Knife

industrial design

Conceived by Michelin-starred chef Yves Charles, who had a vision to create a table knife with the same essential characteristics as a folding pocket knife, the wonderfully simple Perceval 9.47 Table Knife is a coveted kitchen classic. Charles’ collaboration with artisan makers at Perceval produces powerful, professional knives which are comfortable to hold and slice effortlessly through a steak as if it were butter. Each knife is hand made, featuring a full-tang handle that allows for increased force when cutting, and a Sandvik 14C28N steel blade for sharpness, stability, and corrosion resistance.

The 9.47 Table Knife is available in three options at Ode to Things: Black (set of two), Cream (set of two), and Gabon Ebony, which comes with a stainless steel table fork with a brushed handle and polished tines.

This knife—a basic everyday utensil—is testament to the incredible curation of Ode to Things, who celebrate quality lifestyle objects that become an essential part of our living space.

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