HEY GENTS Issue 05

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With a focus on beautiful design and unique experiences, each issue of HEY GENTS Magazine features interviews with creative talents, travel recommendations, useful guides, striking photography, and careful curation of interesting products.

For Issue 05 the HEY GENTS team traveled to Japan, seeking out specialty cafes, restaurants, bars, shops, and hotels in Tokyo and Kyoto. Interviews include conversations with the founder of Trunk Hotel and the product design team at Kinto. Also featured is a guide to Japan’s national drink, saké.

They then return home to Australia, where they head to the sun-soaked city of Brisbane, the rugged South Coast of New South Wales, and later down to Melbourne for a look inside a unique concrete bunker-inspired home.

HEY GENTS features a highly considered approach to publishing, offering carefully curated online product showcase and a biannual print magazine. Transcending the traditional categories of style, travel, home, cars, and tech, what defines HEY GENTS is the championing of great design and sustainability, in combination with a refined, less is more aesthetic.

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