Cane Broom Set

Chris Tonnesen
Per Olav Sølvberg

The Norwegian design studio Gridy are the creators of Cane—a stylish alternative to the unassuming household broom set, made for Scandinavian interiors brand, Northern. With its striking shape and elegant profile, Cane hardly resembles a functional household object at first look. The design consists of a powder-coated steel dustpan and brush crafted with sturdy bristles. The handles of both parts rise to waist-height, providing an ergonomic feature that makes them easier to work with. Magnets hidden inside the top of each handle bring both parts together to create Cane’s characteristic curvaceous silhouette. The design duo behind Gridy, Wilhelm Grieg Teisner and Lars Olav Dybdal, explain:

A broom set is normally a product in plastic and is often hidden away when not in use. We wanted to create a product that is visually appealing and functional, and also long lasting. We also wanted to create a relationship between the shapes of the two parts, as they are part of one set. The curve is split in two, and looks like the shape of a classic cane when separated.

There is simple, unobtrusive design, and then there is simple, characterful design. Cane unashamedly falls into the second category. It is minimal design with a personality. When creating an ordinary household object that has been seen and used countless times, it is refreshing to see designers offer a different perspective without compromising functionality.

Design studio Gridy goes by a single name, but the studio was established by two designers. Wilhelm Grieg Teisner and Lars Olav Dybdal combined their surnames—Grieg and Dybdal—to form the word Gridy. Both designers studied at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design before moving to Oslo, where they became known for creating functional designs characterised by personality and a sense of humour. Gridy brought their characteristic ingenuity to Northern with the Dais stepladder, an efficient design that doubles as a two-tier side table. Although Gridy specialise in simple, functional designs, all of their products are loaded with quirkiness, character, and individual style. The Cane Broom Set is testament to this.

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