Tip Lamp

Jens Fager

Watching little children discover their domestic environment, I am always amazed by the complexity of our world. Objects with their various shapes and functions can be puzzling and opaque in their eyes and hands. Then, with astonishing rapidity, wonder and awe fade, things become normal and act simple. It is only sometimes that an everyday object manages to retain an aura of the exceptional.

It is not a coincidence that Swedish designer Jens Fager mentions children as a source of inspiration for his work. With a clear focus on detail and functionality, the graduate from Konstfack University in Stockholm aims to create a natural product for the consumer. By uncovering the essence of a design he underlines an object’s usability.

The core of my philosophy that permeates all is to treat every single product in an honest way and to find its main function.

Tip Lamp is a desk lamp or ambient light made for Muuto and features a characteristic architectural silhouette. It has an adjustable head and body and a dimmable function with gradual fade when turned on and off. The moulded aluminium material gives it a clean and precise look. I was at once captivated by the lamp’s minimal and simplistic shape. It is an object that I fully understand instantly, yet, its normality embodies the extraordinary of the first lamp I ever saw.

Jens Fager’s design discreetly demonstrates that keeping it simple is not a denial of complexity. Rather, it is an invitation to look at things through the eyes of children and thus enjoying what is beautiful, pure, and refreshingly unambiguous.

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