Pium Smart Diffuser

Jaeyeon (Ryan) Kihm

Pium is a monolithic, minimalist design, and an incredibly smart diffuser that provides personalised scents intelligently blended based on one’s behaviour and location. It is your personal assistant for home fragrance and pairs to your smartphone, allowing you to create just about any scent that you desire, as well as activity-oriented scent recommendations, and environment-optimised diffusing control—all within a clean and intuitive app interface.

Scent capsules are the heart of Pium. It’s easy, clean, and beautiful. The sealed capsule design keeps the 100% organic natural essential oil from oxidation, so the last drop will be as fresh as the first one. Oil information is electrically coded inside the capsule, and automatically recognised after it has been plugged in.

Pium reduces diffusing intensity when you are away, and recovers the previous intensity when you get back. If it is connected to a calendar app, it diffuses scents for the events automatically. The diffuser also supports smart voice interface with Amazon Echo, Google Home, and the Apple Watch.

The aesthetic design is sleek, elegant, and restrained. The cylindrical design paired with the high-quality, brushed finish allows for Pium to seamlessly fit into any interior space.

Pium was a successfully funded project on Kickstarter in 2017, led by Jaeyeon (Ryan) Kihm, and has since been produced by renowned Korean design brand, Cloudandco.

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