Hangover Information Center

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
XML Architects

Urban Interventions gradually became the darling of art enthusiasts, especially when created by talented visual artists injecting a good deal of personality and politics into mundane spaces. The premise of altering the mood, or one might say, the dynamics of certain neighborhoods isn’t an easy feat to achieve. Urban interventions may come in various shapes and sizes though.

In a bold move, XML Architects introduced at the center of Amsterdam’s Red Light District, the Hangover Information Center, a clear intrusion of alien visual concept, breaking away from burlesque and darker motifs. Bright white lights guide individuals to a pharmacy-like ambient offering a vitamin-infused drink, handed by employees behind a 9 meter long counter made with sheets of polycarbonate. The experience resembles a quick trip to your local pharmacy, if said pharmacy was reduced to great geometric design and two particular products.

Stylish bottles of water and vitamin drinks make up an impressive blue wall as the central visual attraction. The main product is called RESET, promising a speedy recovery from a night of heavy drinking, thanks to its main ingredient, glutathione.

This is a great example of a tasteful and functional urban intervention, all made with beautiful architecture and interior design.

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