Kennedy Apartment

Guillaume Alan
Matthew Donaldson

An interesting trend bestows refurbished dwellings, especially when the original project dates back to 19th Century or older. It is not surprising to see an entirely new identity, a modern take on what used to be tradition—to see the original structure completely renovated to befall a contemporary aesthetic. On the other hand, some architects see it as an opportunity to create an original and expressive marriage between heritage and current trends.

Blessed with stunning views of the Eifel Tower and the Seine, Kennedy Apartment is an outstanding example of how to create a dialogue between Haussmannian architecture and minimalism. Guillaume Alan created a distinctive dwelling pushing for streamlined interior design aligned with great respect for the original structure; a careful power balance between arcs and ornaments with sharp angles and contemporary furniture. Interestingly, the interior is very much cohesive and flows with ease from one space to the next as there is no visual disruption.

The exceptional nature of the project at hand is the perfect marriage between differing styles of geometry, each one referencing different eras and styles. It is a case study of minimalism as the guiding light to achieve an original end result. Additionally, the architect goes beyond the usual beaten track and creates his own elements. A collection of features was made from the ground up, such as the bespoke colour tone named after ‘chalk’, bringing a shower of white tones throughout; and original fabrics and textures to cover the hand-picked furniture.

The Kennedy Residence is a true example of luxury through a stunning exercise of monochrome as the main argument, and more importantly, of an undeniable bespoke experience through hand-made and original creations. C’est magnifique.

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