Open Space

art & illustration

Morgane Tschiember is a renowned multidisciplinary artist based in Paris, France. As she explores the notion of dimensions and space, her multilayered work minimally fuse different materials to create depth in perceptions of the spectators.

Revisiting her series Open Space—a collection of sculptures that integrates concrete and white fluorescent light tubes—is a feast to the eyes. Presented as “lighting design pieces”, the forms not only serve as decorative objects at which to be marvelled, but also as a functional assemblage of objets d’art. While named Open Space, these sculptures instead trigger the thoughts of completion, with the lights’ contours positioning to be symmetrical and complementing the monumental volumes of concrete; the solids’ constructivist aesthetic is harmonised with the floating illusion of glowing lines. The interplay of dark/heavy/concrete and light is cleverly played.

We especially appreciate Open Space 2 (Cascade) for its facade of round edges. Mimicking a waterfall, the sculpture relies on a seamless surface to communicate the mental image. Dominating the central axis are three parallel luminescent lights that cradle the fluctuating concrete form. While the idea of completion is not apparent here, the piece stands symmetrically still with a bursting silence. That contrast is, ironically, the fulfilment of tensile balance.

The integration of materials through Morgane Tschiember’s execution is impeccable as it creates the basis for more explorations and experimentations while maintaining a tight framework. Subtle, modest, yet not at all reductive.

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