The Six

graphic design

Receiving a box of chocolates is and should be an amazing gift. The Six most honoured Belgian Michelin Star chefs created a range of six unique chocolates together with the Belgian Chocolaterie Verleye, and multidisciplinary designer Davy Dooms was commissioned to create the branding and packaging, which has resulted in an exceptionally elegant and minimal design. Davy explains:

The packaging itself is inspired by a precious jewel box. Opening it is always a special moment to treasure. The six chocolates are covered by a patterned rice paper, to make the discovering even more special. The fine textured paper stock is carefully chosen to give these Michelin Star chocolates an exquisite appearance. The logo is stamped in black hot foil to have extra contrast and a subtle touch on the matte paper.
The Six was especially considered for the Japanese market, so the purity and lightness of the black and white aesthetics of the branding and packaging are intended to symbolise Asian tradition, purity, and cleanliness.

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