VARA Light

industrial design

VARA Light is a pioneering light system that joins together software, hardware and design — a strengthening trend in product design, and one that will soon be present in many products that we use in our daily lives.

In this context, VARA Light is the the first light system with unique app-control, where the user can control every single LED via its smartphone app, straight out the box. Just a touch or a swipe is enough to create unique lighting effects, leave notifications, save and play preloaded lighting scenarios or monitor the energy consumption.

Furthermore, VARA Light stands out by its versatility, it has been designed to be modular with its use extending to act as a table lamp, floor lamp, pendant light, shelf light or integrated light fixture, or even to build a grouped light feature in one's home.

With an extremely elegant and considered design, comprising of the most suitable components and materials, VARA Light also boasts energy-saving credentials that saves up to 60% compared to traditional incandescent lighting, and it can even reach up to 80% using the smart controls.

This terrific work, designed by the innovative German brand, Holy Trinity, just needs a little more support on its Kickstarter campaign to become a reality. Let's make it happen!

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