Rybalsky Apartment

Andrey Bezuglov

Ukrainian design duo of Dan Vakhrameyev and Kateryna Vakhrameyeva of studio FILD, whose work you may already be familiar with through their lighting and furniture project BLT, have unveiled their latest design. This time an interior project named, Rybalsky Apartment.

The goal was to create a spacious and uncluttered interior reflecting the owner’s spirit in a unique, timeless appearance while applying minimalist principles to the design.

The well-combined materials, patterns, and textures create an attractive and mature perception of the dwelling. The general mood of the apartment reflects a modern, sophisticated, and tranquil space, strengthened by a restrained colour palette. The space feels like a small sanctuary where one can relax, focus, and find comfort in the simplicity of the interior.

The main area consists of a casual lounge zone, a dining area, an open kitchen, and two separate terrace entrances. A geometric built-in multifunction sofa unit was customised by a local furniture company based on his Dan’s sketches. The double-sided framework provides one with a joyful and practical ability to enter the kitchen without ever leaving the sofa.

The black kitchen block, made from matt-black FENIX NTM, creates a perfect accent in the apartment. Furniture facades from the kitchen to wardrobe illustrate one single line linking together the apartment layout plan. Standard kitchen cabinets were intentionally removed from the design composition to emphasise the lightness of the entire furniture set.

In fact, all furniture elements, along with the 7 metre-long solid wardrobe structure, enliven the airiness principle as an essential design concept of the original project.

A discerning viewer will easily notice that adjacent walls, floor abutments, and furniture have a common element: a shadow gap, which demonstrates a fundamental minimalist approach that distinguishes the overall forms.

Taking centre stage however, is the partially glazed solid tile bathroom. It’s displayed as a standalone cube levitating above the general floor level and separating the main area and the master bedroom. Cleverly inserted glass breaks up the solid walls, and allows a visually open connection while keeping noise to a minimum. Water repellent fabric drapes can be adjusted with a remote control.

Rybalsky Apartment offers a well-balanced interior and with its soft tones of grey tints in combination with genial dimmed brown oak shades deliver a subtle perception of a restful mood.

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