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Loehr is a German design company founded by three brothers—David, Leon, and Julian Löhr—in Hamburg in 2012, and has been based in Berlin since 2015. They create fine furniture and objects in a constructive interplay of force, planes, and materials. Reduced to the essentials, they reveal their radical nature in the detail of each design, challenging senses and perception. Exclusively designed and made in Germany with high-quality standards, under fair and safe working conditions and with environmental awareness, Loehr’s approach to modern sustainability is another reason to appreciate their craft.

What we consider their most important and beautiful piece from their collection, the Euclides lounge chair, is now also available as a two-seater sofa. Euclides’ design is based on the principle of balanced minimalism, an upholstered seat that appears to be suspended in a slender tubular steel frame. The spacious area to sit on is a comfortable and appealing place to relax or socialise, with the various elements ideal for forming a group setting. Loehr boasts a wide selection of upholstery covers with various fabrics from the Danish Kvadrat textile brand, such as the vibrant Vidar fabrics from Raf Simons, or Forest Nap by Akira Minigawa.

An elegant bench, named Plato, is also born from the Euclides chair, carrying its design concept to the extreme by merely positioning the seat on one point. A varied combination of seating groups is possible when it is teamed up with Euclides chairs or two-seater sofas in homes, semi-public receptions, and waiting areas. Plato can also be used as an ottoman and offers the same carefully curated selection of fabrics and leathers as those available for Euclides.

The understated Loehr collection is strongly inspired by architecture and is not destined for any specific areas. Quite the contrary: the furniture suggests a kind of functional ambivalence that fluctuates between private and public spaces. As a result, the furniture is ideal for offices and homes. The superior craftsmanship of Loehr furniture, as well as its distinctive look and feel, contrast with the somewhat fleeting nature of some of the spaces they feature. The objects are just as expressive on their own as they are in versatile groups.

In a wide range of classic and pastel colours, Loehr’s minimalist and undeniably elegant furniture is also available in different dimensions and in a wide variety of fabrics and leathers. The options of either powder-coated or mirror-polished frames underlines the cosmopolitan and accommodating character. These choices enhance the furniture’s expressiveness and the spectrum of areas it can be used in.

The minimalist approach to this collection is remarkable; pure and solid furniture with clear references to classic design, particularly the tubular steel frame. The most striking feature of this design is its excellent mixture of lightness and simplicity. There’s much to enjoy about the Loehr collection, from its timeless form and elegant and sophisticated finish, to its impact on any space.

This article was originally published in Minimalissimo Nº3

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