Thin-K Longo Table

Luciano Bertoncini

There comes a time to pay homage to the minimalist table; when timeless design meets everlasting function, resulting in a Minimalissimo favourite.

The importance of a table in the delicate equation of achieving a harmonious and stylish interior design should not be taken lightly. It stands head and shoulders above passing trends for objects, as after all, it is a central object in most rooms. Since its functionality is unquestionable, the design aspect becomes the great differentiator—the element that imbues the personality or tone one may want to imprint in an ambient environment.

For minimalist enthusiasts it is a straightforward path towards simplicity in all furniture, and so to encounter a design piece that represents the effort to condense the modernist heritage with a contemporary feel is quite the feat.

Stepping into the limelight with a strong offering is the Thin-K Longo Table by Italian design studio Kristalia. The brand commissioned seasoned designer Luciano Bertoncini as the creator of the impeccably constructed piece of furniture. The main achievement is the absolute thinness of the table, measuring a mere and impressive 6mm, sporting a structural frame comprised of Anodised aluminium. It is visually light on the eyes and slender structurally, therefore it is no exaggeration to consider it a technical marvel. Ultimately, the design assures both endurance and stability as every table should with a very delicate and lightweight stance.

The layout is based on very simple lines; it is basically a live representation of a pictogram of a table, the ideal representation of a complex product down to its essential lines—very similar to the work of old-school minimalist designers. Luciano Bertoncini also gave special attention to achieve bespoke results.Thin-K’s form may exemplify a minimalist approach to design, but interestingly, the table offers custom-made options such as the table-top finishes including aluminium, wood veneer, and tinted glass. The legs are also available in several colours, making this a perfect introduction to newcomers to minimalism.

Even though the form factor is very focused on being minimal, it is not a niche product. It is a true case study of how an undeniably minimalist piece of furniture may permeate a diverse range of interiors. It fits flawlessly into a monochrome-inspired space, as well as the total opposite; a maximalist room clad in colourful wallpaper. The approachability through streamlined materials and the outstanding nimbleness makes the Thin-K Longo Table a contemporary archetype in industrial design.

This article was originally published in Minimalissimo Nº3

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