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There is something to be said for sensual minimalism, or soft minimalism. Where objects have a contemporary life that are inspiring yet comfortable, colourful yet calming, and functional yet de-stressing.

Prolific industrial designer Karim Rashid once told us:

Our lives are elevated when we experience beauty, comfort, luxury, performance, and utility seamlessly together. Products and furniture must deal with our emotional ground therefore increasing the popular imagination and experience. This is good design.

These characteristics certainly come together with the simple design of K Lamp by Vitamin Living. The K Lamp consists of two parts—a shade that acts as a diffuser and a base that houses the lamp. Two solid ceramic forms interact to create a single, striking silhouette. The base form houses the lamp and the shade gently reflects the light into the room. This dispersed glow is achieved by an LED bulb allowing the lamp to be used in both ambient and working situations.

Measuring just 24 x 9.5cm, the K Lamp is handmade and assembled in Stoke-on-Trent, an area synonymous with exceptional UK ceramic quality. The lamp is also available in four variants—Terracotta, White Earthenware, Grey Stoneware, and Black.

Functionality aside, the true success of the K Lamp design is not just in the choice of material, but in the beautiful shape from any perspective you take when you sit back and admire it. The lamp’s soft and simple lines exude sensual minimalism from any angle.

Vitamin Living is a British design brand set up by brothers Chris and Andy Vernall in 2004. From the heart of London’s creative east end Vitamin has been devoted to producing products that are not only functional and beautiful, but also fun and original.

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