Fitzrovia House


Located in the city of London, Fitzrovia House is a major refurbishment endeavour for a family of art collectors by Carmody Groarke; an architecture practice known for their expertise between art, heritage, and residential projects. Their team delivered what can be considered a beautiful celebration of tradition and a charming exercise in contemporary minimalism.

Dating back to 1827, Fitzrovia House is a dwelling that has survived almost two Centuries of constant stress from renovations and remodelling of its internal area. The architects cleverly decided to design the current iteration with movement and amplitude in mind. The continuity between areas is guaranteed thanks to the employment of a palette of white materials, instilling cohesiveness throughout, but not necessarily uniformity.

The interior design showcases different aesthetics, from the classic-filled living room and most social areas filled with textures, contrasting elements, and plenty of furnishings. Acting as a nod to past eras, these areas do carry contemporary elements with modern sensibility in the details, such as the sofas. A clear example of a classic contemporary archetype.

A commanding minimalist aesthetic is evident in the kitchen and bathroom spaces. Both ambients have been masterfully adapted to a timeless style based on the refinement and elegance of the chosen materials. The white Carrara marble, a noble and opulent material is addressed with no reservations. Its presence is inescapable—it is refreshing in its visual lightness but also authoritative in its weight.

Last but not least, the glass roofs of a four-storey high atrium offers brand new feature to the house, providing natural light and access to a series of terraces. It transformed how one can experience such a mature dwelling.

To navigate between distinct premises, from classic to the minimalism, requires skill and a keen sense of opportunity and style. Even after more than 190 years, the inconspicuous house still offers thrills and elegance. It seems, one can teach an old dog new tricks.

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