Avenida del Oeste Apartment

Valencia, Spain
Balzar Arquitectos
David Zarzoso

The stunning Avenida del Oeste Apartment is steps away from the historic Ciutat Vella neighbourhood in Valencia, Spain. The perfect blend between traditional and modern design, the apartment is a unique ode to the historic building in which it resides.

The apartment was designed by Balzar Arquitectos, a design firm based in Valencia. Balzar smartly organised the home into three distinct zones. The entry to the dwelling opens on to a glamourous lobby with a corridor that leads to the semi-private spaces: the study, gym, and bathroom. The apartment’s public spaces are accessed through the same hall and consist of a great room which holds the living, cooking, and dining spaces. The master bedroom is the farthest from the entrance and includes an en-suite bathroom.

One of the most notable features of the apartment is the stunning colourways. Rich neutral tones cover the walls and floors: deep black and natural wood accented by a warm shade of white. The lighting design brings further warmth to each space, illuminating the walls and ceiling in a soft, natural glow. There is little bright colour in the home, but it is not missing. The neutrals pair so well together that one hardly notices the absence of colour.

The interior design was inspired by the building’s original styling: large and ornamental wardrobes once covered the home’s walls. With a nod to the dwelling’s former era, the modern apartment features wood panelling throughout the space. In a contemporary twist, the wood is a lacquered milk-white, resulting in an elegant and updated feel. Arched doorways further remind the viewer of the home’s historic roots, while an eye-catching circular ceiling detail interprets history with a contemporary form.

The views of Valencia from the apartment are breathtaking. The great room is oriented towards the best vistas to take full advantage of the city views. Only furniture divides the living and dining spaces in this room, further emphasising the world outside the windows.

Balzar did not stop at designing the apartment. They carefully curated the furnishings of the home and designed several of the pieces in their studio. The custom furniture reads like individual works of art and makes the design of the residence all the more spectacular.

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