KOA Apartment

Marty Chou Architecture

The definition of luxury can be interpreted in many ways; sometimes, it comes in an unimaginably simple form. For KOA Apartment, designed by Marty Chou Architecture, the generous amount of natural light and freedom of movement are the factors that enrich the space with comfort and homeliness. Set in a residential area of urban Taiwan, KOA Apartment benefits from a series of consecutive sunlit windows at full height, allowing the loft to be enveloped with a warm hue. Partitions disappear, storage and shelves are embedded within the parallel walls in an orderly manner, pockets of interstitial gathering moments emerge, different building functions arise.

Opposite the openings is a full kitchen with an island that also acts as the dining table. Its top is supported by a collection of peculiar wooden furniture, ranging from an asymmetrical bench to warped cubed seats. Cabinets are neatly distributed around the stove like a protective barrier made of angular geometry. Subtle details like the linear alignment of the kitchen shelf and smoke extractor or the thin barrier that frames the stove on four sides all contribute to a lively yet well-intentioned design.

As the space progresses from communal towards private, the difference in colours becomes noticeable. Whereas the living room and play spaces are adorned with pastel bean bags and playful objects, the bedrooms—tucked away at the endmost of the apartment—are kept white and light. This gradient also carries to the bathrooms, where monochromatic sculpture-like furnishes are placed; a white cylindrical sink, a modern glossy toilet, and a sleek grey shower line.

All the programmes within KOA Apartment are distributed on two sides of a wide corridor. This clever design solution allows the inhabitants to turn their dwelling into an open space that’s flexible for multiple uses, even a running track for children. With the floor being covered in a continuous surface of light timber, this configuration creates a metaphorical reference to parklets, which can be found in high-density urban areas.

KOA Apartment is a project that although minimalist in appearance, compacts many functional conveniences within an area of 90 square metres. Negating the physical restrictions of urban developments, Marty Chou Architecture was able to produce a space larger than it is, a design that’s open to many possibilities, an intimate collection of spaces within a home.

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