Dito Workbench

Art Direrction

Fast becoming one of our most loved design studios is that of Munich-based Relvãokellermann. Led by Ana Relvão and Gerhardt Kellermann, the multi-award-winning duo have a background in industrial design and founded their studio in 2014. Since then, we have been graced with an abundance of beautifully minimal design—particularly furniture. And one of their latest offerings is the Dito workbench for Gumpo, inspired by the Dito conference table launched in 2018 and based on a simple system of tops, trestles, and wooden crossbars.

Versatility and utility are something we have come to expect in modern design. With this workbench, a great range of widths and depths make for a fantastic variety of workstations. The focus in the workbench design was on the critical functions of a modern desk: cables can be laid through the trestles into the central cable tray and hidden from sight. A sliding tabletop offers easy access to the tray and the power strip inside. Different types of lamps and screening walls from other suppliers can also be integrated into the workstations. In other words, handy functions and technology are easy to integrate, but there‘s nothing overtly technical about the Dito workbench. It is minimalist, clean, and serenely stylish.

The Dito workbench is made mainly from timber materials, opening up infinite design potential. There is a wide range of finish options for the substructure and worktops, from great-value melamine coating to veneer, super-matt, and other laminates. Gumpo is a wood-working company and is, therefore, able to meet specific customer and architect requirements.

The Dito workbench is produced and assembled in the Bavarian City of Dingolfing, at Gumpo’s facilities.

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