Les Perseides


Atelier REC architecture has designed an unprecedented school with curvilinear forms and a dazzling façade. Les Perseides is a collection of 15 classrooms for the Blagnac School Group in the modern eco-neighbourhood of ZAC Andromeda, France. REC explains the intention of the design:

[The school] marks the lasting urban ambition of architectural complex revolving around concepts between an open landscape and a city garden... The school of the neighbourhood is designed to be an urban landmark, a place of exchange and friendliness.

A white outer skin, fashioned of concrete, protects the functions of the school — the classrooms, sports arena, and green — from the busy streets of ZAC Andromeda. The skin also serves the practical function of regulating the building's internal temperature, allowing for low energy consumption. But from an outsider's eye the façade is simply an urban sculpture, easily admired from the busy intersections adjacent to the school.

The classrooms are all designed with a connectivity to the courtyard — a lovely feature of this city school is to have so much access to outdoor space! Large skylights are placed plentifully in the upper rooms. The views of the blue skies above surely lead the students to the most magnificent of daydreams. Bright colours, utilised in both the interior decor and outdoor playscapes, lend a light and welcoming spirit to these areas.

The school is designed with comfort in mind: each room or gathering space is easily accessible, and natural light floods to every inch. Surely learning in a school as beautiful as Les Perseides inspires the mind to do great things.

Photography by REC architecture / Mikael Petit.

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