EON Suspension

Peter Straka
Kaia Lighting

On its own, EON is clean and linear. Attach one, or more and you can create endless combinations. EON is a lighting system by Kaia that allows multiple shapes and angles—squares, rectangles, zig-zags, and more. Made from nickel-plated, polished brass the lamp can be combined by intelligently connecting pieces to form an endless variety of lighting options. The clever design of the body of these lamps allows the modules to be directly connected to each other. A single power supply is enough to illuminate up to ten modules and allow your creativity to run free.

Peter Straka is the designer behind many of the company's lighting objects. He is a graduate of Industrial Design at the Viennese University of Applied Arts and a trained metalworker and engineer. The lighting objects he designs for Kaia are a masterful blend of art, technology and craftsmanship—all combined with a clear vision of what is essential. The result is the design, equivalent of a journey: with the light off—the aesthetic object, with the light on—the value of its function.

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