Upton Belts


Texas-based Upton Belts was created in the pursuit to establish the belt as an indispensable staple and protagonist in its own right, rather than a mere accessory. The brand was born online in order to deliver the highest quality product and the best experience without the traditional retail markup, resulting in an incredibly stylish product obtainable at a great price point.

Meticulously handcrafted to the customer's specifications, each belt is individually made and numbered to ensure that no two are alike. Offering a personalised experience that focuses on attention to detail and service (rather than mass production), Upton Belts are handmade in Texas with leather raised on North American ranches and tanned in Italy. Available in three styles — DRESS/Duke, SPORT/Ward and CASUAL/Knox — the belts arrive at your doorstep inside impeccable packaging that also contains a fit kit and a hole puncher to further customise the belt when necessary.

One of my favourite aspects about the brand is their art direction, plunging the belts in an all-white context, populated by the statuesque men that are brought alive by these beautiful staples, elevated to their rightful category.

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