Self Revealing

Taipei, Taiwan

Self Revealing is a meditation space, as a hideaway situated in the hustle-and-bustle city of Taipei. Situated on the second floor of a residential building, the space was created by local design company StudioX4 to provide a quiet sanctuary in which urban citizens can practice mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. Although it looks like an ideal dance studio too.

The dark interior consists of a semi-circular space with curved walls and ceiling that flow into each other. The structure was built using planes of plywood planks built up in layers to create a smooth, flowing surface. A straight mirrored wall at one side of the room creates the illusion of the space being double its actual size.

Via mirror reflection, the interior area completes its whole entity. Combining the two halves implies the meditation path of seeking balance for both sides.

The walls and ceiling have a subtle, dappled finish that complements the softness of the rounded edges and corners. Circular recessions are punched out of the surface of the ceiling to increase the emphasis on rounded forms.

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