Sophia Suites


The supremely elegant Sophia Suites is located on a seaside cliff on the picturesque island of Santorini. Photographed by the talented Sara Medina Lind, this luxury hotel packs minimal and modern design in a traditional package.

The resort's architecture is in keeping with the traditional designs of the island. White washed walls pair with arched doorways and windows, all backdropped by views of the arresting Aegean Sea. The interior design, however, breaks away from tradition with unique modern pairings. Brushed metals mingle with painted grey accents and polished concrete countertops. The decor is sparse yet artful: unique hanging light fixtures merge with mid-century modern furnishings. The linens are particularly beautiful in various shades of white and grey.

What more can I say about this dream resort? I'm packing my bags for Santorini as we speak.

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