Series-M Bench

Dennis Tsai

Driven by his passion in traditional craftsmanship, Dennis Tsai, a Houston-based industrial designer, wanted to explore the possibilities of creating strong structural furniture without using any fasteners. He utilised an interlocking structure to create a minimal bench design as his first piece for the series.

With its unique interlocking architecture, Series-M Bench uses no fasteners yet can support human weight sitting on it. The seating surface is made up of 3 pieces of anodised 7000 series aluminium planks. The flanges of the aluminium planks are inserted into slots in the mirror finished 316 stainless steel base.

As a person sits down, the vertical flanges of the three aluminium planks are pushed against the stainless steel feet's inner wall. The metal pieces work together to create a sturdy seating structure without welding. The removable top planks also provide customisation opportunities without affecting the bottom structure.

Its purposefully bent structure and metal finishes are showcased through its minimal design, which allows for easy assembly and transportation, and most importantly, a display of the materials' natural strength.

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