Inhabitat Furniture


This Inhabitated Furniture apartment in Paris, France was designed in 2011 by Nicolas Reymond and it is interesting space to look at here on Minimalissimo. Besides the large volumes, very simple in form, I was attracted to the maximum and innovative use of space developed by Reymond.

The renovation proposes, instead of walls, two large furnitures accessible by each side, to set up the space. These furnitures include and hide storages, kitchen cupboards, dressing, doors and bathrooms. They also separate day from night uses. A fluid and multipurpose space is provided: the entrance space is used alternately as a kitchen or as an office.

The module idea combined in seamless manner with existing historical elements of the apartment is a well-executed solution to the previously problematic layout. The large volumes placed strategically at the core of the apartment, unforcefully indicate the focal space but still give the freedom of interpretation based on occupant’s needs and desires.

I love  the flexibility of use of the space and of course the integration of old and new. I wish my current city San Francisco would start building these!

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