Alpha60 SS13


Slightly bias in this plug, but Melbourne based designer Alpha60 should need no introduction. Originating from Canberra, the brother-sister duo has been styling the fashionistas of urban Melbourne since 2005. Their collections feature bold tailoring with beautiful details and a minimalist palette. Their newest Spring 2013 Collection is a continuance to this testament.

The SS13 Collection is an evolution, as with all of their work to date, of their passion for details and fabric through the expression of technique. Alpha60 has flourished into a unique, inimitable label known for its fresh take on classic styles and cute, reflecting a sophisticated quirk unique to the brand. The lines, folding and cuts of each of these pieces have a timeless-ness that seems to also embody an urban edge that is so quintessentially Melbourne.

Alpha60 are not content to smell the roses and with a portfolio than spans international borders and features some impressive creative collaborations, they are a force to watch. And wear, of course.

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