15.0% Ice Cream Spoon

industrial design

Ode to Things continues on its quest to champion outstanding design pieces, this time around it's 15.0% Ice Cream Spoon turn to stand in the spotlight. Designed by Naoki Terada, and manufactured by Japanese brand Lemnos, this simple appliance brings a hefty dose of class and functionality to what may be a bothersome experience.

A wily solution was introduced to the cumbersome frozen ice cream ordeal. The spoon is made entirely of solid aluminium — with a high rate of thermal conductivity, the temperature of the hand holding the spoon will slowly melt the ice cream making it easier to scoop it out. There is no need to wait anymore, in simple terms.

The designer went further and created three different models to adapt to each type of ice cream — after all, it’s a market that is increasingly more diverse in options. Each model was named after a classic flavour: Vanilla for the famous egg-shaped tip; Chocolate for those gluttonous seeking to reach every last ounce of ice cream in the cup, with its angular tip; and finally, Strawberry for the trendy sorbet variation, with a fork-like tip.

Minimalist cutlery often sacrifices functionality over form, 15.0% does not suffer from such fate, but turns that over its head using the solution as its main visual draw. A striking and timeless rendition of the archetypal ice cream spoon.

Photography courtesy by Ode to Things.

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