Torus House

Chiba Prefecture, Japan
Noriaki Hanaoka Architecture
Tsuyoshi Fujino, Shinkenchiku-sha

Brutalist architecture at its finest. Designed by Noriaki Hanaoka Architecture and located in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, Torus House was built under severe conditions on a steep north-down slope. The lower part is an intermediate space, while the floating upper part is a one-room living space, with concrete structure as a base for living. The architects explain:

As opposed to the normative conditions that placing “man” or “machine” at the core of architecture, we placed a hole that permeates “nature" at the centre of architecture. A hole invites wind, rain, and direct sun light to the ground. It breathes together with its environment.

The project looked to address 3 client requirements: a single-story house with bright and open work out space, a concrete structure, and a good view. The site is located near the top of a hill overlooking the sea, resulting in a remarkable view. By separating the house from the sloping ground and allowing it to float, an intermediate space emerges.

The overall structure consists of a living area on the upper floor and an intermediate space on the lower floor, with a 3-metre square hole running through the centre of the two levels. The lower floor is supported by four columns and braces, which protrudes into upper level.

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