55 66 88

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A phone stand—designed by CW&T(Che-Wei Wang + Taylor Levy)—set at three useful angles for positioning your camera. Great for everyday chats or documenting your latest creation. Made in the USA from extruded aluminium with a black anodised finish. 55 66 88 is simple, durable, and convenient to keep handy.

No moving parts to fuss or fiddle with. 55 66 88 is about quickness and convenience. All three angles are useful for a variety of everyday uses for your phone’s camera:

Sometimes we have dinner guests where the guests are tiny heads within a rectangle. Usually this rectangle is propped precariously on a water bottle or bowl of broccoli. That was until Che-Wei prototyped a 3D printed doodad to do the job better. After some tweaks, gentle massaging, and a handful of prototypes, we released this piece of phone furniture (call it what it is) as a 3D-printed CW&T pre-release, which means it is made with the intention of working out an idea, outside the constraints of large scale production.

55 66 88 is currently available to pre-order and crowdfund on Kickstarter.

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