Braun: Designed to Keep

Klaus Klemp
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Braun: Designed to Keep, authored by Klaus Klemp, offers a comprehensive history of Braun, the influential German electronics brand renowned for its enduring impact on modern design. Established in 1921, Braun's approach to design, emphasising simplicity, utility, and beauty, has profoundly shaped our everyday lives. The book unfolds across three sections, showcasing over 500 images, including new photography of Braun's iconic products, archival images, drawings, and more, revealing Braun's pivotal moments and core values.

Klemp, a respected figure in design theory and history, interlaces Braun's story with Germany's cultural and political history, providing fresh insights into this celebrated design brand. His expertise, shaped by roles at the Museum Angewandte Kunst and the cultural department of Frankfurt, brings depth to this exploration of Braun's design philosophy and its global influence.

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